F. Fowler Root Scholarship

As part of its mission, the Riders Mills Historical Association has awarded a scholarship annually since 1975. The F. Fowler Root Scholarship is given to two seniors at New Lebanon High School and/or Chatham High School, who has show "academic achievement and good character and has participated in school activities. The award is given to provide assistance in attaining higher education." In addition, in 2013 the Columbia-Greene Community College was the recipient of four scholarships from the F. Fowler Root Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund was endowed by the Root family in memory of their father, F. Fowler Root, who was the last teacher at the school. His wife, Alice Root, also taught at the school.  Applications for the scholarships are screened by the Guidance Office at the respective schools and then forwarded to the association's Scholarship Committee. The selection is timed to be included in that schools commencement awards.  Contact your guidance counselors for a PDF of the F. Fowler Root Scholarship Fund Application.

The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Scholarship

The Riders Mills Historical Association selects the recipient of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Scholarship from a list of candidates submitted by the Columbia-Greene Community College. This scholarship has been awarded annually since 2009.

Riders Mills Historical Association is dedicated to furthering education for local students.  To that end, we grant scholarships to two students from New Lebanon High School and to two students from Chatham High School.  We also grant five scholarships to Columbia Community College Students.  That is a total of nine scholarships.

Through an endowment from the F. Fowler Root Scholarship and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Scholarship, we were able to grant $21,000 for each of the years of 2015, 2016 and 2017.  We are proud of the students who have been recipients and wish them all well.

We hope, in the future, we will be able to grant more monies for our students, through memberships and endowments.  Click here to see a list of our recipients.