As part of its mission, the Riders Mills Historical Association has awarded a scholarship annually since 1975. Seniors must maintain a minimum grade point average of 80% and plan to enroll in either a two or four year program following graduation. The Foundation makes awards based on overall personal achievement, with an emphasis on anticipated major, leadership, community service, evidence of citizenship, and academic standing.

Students who reside in the New Lebanon Central School District and Chatham Central School District may apply.  This includes, Questar and Home-Schooled Students. Students may apply individually or through their individual schools. An essay must accompany every application indicating why the applicant feels he/she is the best recipient of the scholarship.

Beginning in 2009, Riders Mills Historical Association granted the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Scholarship to a deserving student at Columbia-Greene Community College. In 2013, we added four more scholarships from the F. Fowler Root Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are applied through the Guidance Offices at Columbia-Greene Community College. 

This amounts to a total of Ten (10) scholarships.

Through an endowment from the F. Fowler Root Scholarship and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Scholarship, we were able to grant $21,000 for each of the years of 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

 This year we will grant $30,000 in scholarships.

Recipients may use the award to fund coursework at accredited two or four year programs, including community colleges, and four year colleges or universities. Funds may also be used for books, lab equipment, or any other item that facilitates that recipient’s education.

The Scholarship Committee of Riders Mills Historical Association reviews all applications and will not consider any direct solicitation by a candidate The selection is timed to be included in that schools commencement awards

It is the responsibility of the Recipient to notify Riders Mills Historical Association by email, of:

Their school of choice,
The bursar’s phone number and address
Their student id number

Payment of scholarship monies is coordinated by Riders Mills Historical Association & The F. Fowler Root Foundation to ensure each recipient receives the fullest benefit of the award. SCHOLARSHIP MONIES ARE MADE PAYABLE TO THE SCHOOL / INSTITUTION / COLLEGE DESIGNATED BY THE SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT.

Please click on Scholarship Application to print the application.