Riders Mills History

 Largely due to the water power supplied by the Kinderhook Creek, several paper mills, along with farming, flourished in the area.
In 1804 the Riders came to NY from RI established a carding and fulling mill and later acquired the existing Mosher Mill which began the Riders’ Mill complex.  During its peak in the mid to late 1800s, Riders Mills boasted 14 houses, a shoemaker, wagon maker, gristmill, grocery, meat market and blacksmith shop.

In 1869 an enormous flood destroyed the Riders’ Mills and the Riders Mills Hamlet.  Everything adjacent to the Kinderhook, Klinekill and Stonykill Creeks were destroyed.  The hamlet nor the mills were ever rebuilt.


April 23, 1736, "To Benjamin North Joseph Pitts trustee, please to pay Hugh Heath twelve shillings and two pence, this commissioner with.

your friend, Amos Brown"

Somewhat prior to and immediately following the release of “Public Funds” from Albany, the trustees of the North School Society No. 6 (The Riders Mills Schoolhouse prior to a re-districting act in 1812) appointed a Mr. Hughriah Heath to act as a focal point for the disbursement of funds to individuals for their services and time in regard to the materials, building and acts of compliance as required by “The Act for the Encouragement of Schools.” A document, somewhat formalized, called an “Order on the Trustees” was signed by those requesting payment. The trustees paid the money to Hughriah who, in turn, paid the individual.

The “Act for the Encouragement of Schools” established a strict process for the accounting and identification of students and attendance. The appointed trustees of the town were required to “make a return certified under their respective hands to the Commissioner of Schools” in order to fulfill this requirement.

" Chatham, November 28, 1796"

"Mister Trustee of the North Scholl society No. 6th Please pay Hughriah Heath on order our full proposition of the School Money which you shall or do draw at the next Drawing after the above date according to the Number of days which is annot to our names on the bill which is to be returned to the Commissioners of Schools in Chatham the third Tuesday in March in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. A being for value Received and Paid order shall be Your Receipt  Your friends and servants Benjamin Finch, Hugh Paul, ... Frish".

"A List of the Names of Schollars which have attended School 1808"

A census and enrollment report states enrollment of 27 children, 18 boys and 9 girls by grade.  The assessed value of taxable property in the district was $50,203, with the school tax rate of $10.96 per thousand.

A Teachers contract signed on August 29, 1931, provides for a term of 38 weeks commencing on September 8, 1931, with a salary of $30.00 per week and 3 weeks of unpaid vacation.

Forward Document: "Names of the Female Schollars and weekly roll for the term of school commencing October 22, 1849"

Back Document: "Names of the Male Schollars and weekly roll for the term of school commencing October 22, 1849"