August 12

“The Underground Railroad a Journey  to Freedom New York” presented by Paul  & Mary Liz Stewart, Janus Adams and Deb Zuill as Sojourner Truth at the Malden Bridge Community Center 1PM.


2017 Program Events

 September 16

“Forever Free” The debate, timing and genius of the Emancipation Proclamation, 1863, presented by Giacomo Calabria, at The Riders Mills Schoolhouse 1PM.

June 10

Antiques and Treasures Road Show Our Fund Raiser. Bring your antiques, treasures, and collectibles to see if they are worth what you thought...Never know what you may find out!

At the Malden Bridge Community Center-10AM to 4PM.

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Events At-A-Glance

 October  14
“Lebanon, Curing What Ails Ya”
What is so special about Lebanon Valley?

Answer this question and more, Come and find out about the miracle that is called Lebanon Valley,

presented by Steve Oberon at The Riders Mills Schoolhouse, 1PM.

July 15

“All Roads to the River: The 1799 Columbia Turnpike and Historic Toll Houses” presented by

Peter Cipkowski at The Riders Mills Schoolhouse, 1PM.