August 25 “Agony and Aconite, A Tale of 19th Century Medicine in New York” presented by Stuart Lehman at 1pm at the Schoolhouse.

The world of Medicine was changing dramatically in the 19th Century. Scientific advancement competed with age old but ineffective treatments  and questionable new ideas. Explore how the Capitol Region was once at the forefront of the battle over medical progress due to the tragic story of Maria Hendrickson. View a hands-on living history exhibit of the herbs, medicines, and implements used in the 19th Century including leeches, electro-medical devices and patent remedies.

Program Events

June 9, 2018

"Barns of the Hudson Valley"​​ at Riders Mills Schoolhouse at the junction of Riders Mills Road and Drowne Road at 1PM on Saturday June 9, 2018. Presented by Ted Hilscher, Claverack native; New Baltimore Town Historian; and U.S. History Teacher at Columbia-Greene Community College, will present a slide show titled Barns of the Hudson Valley.  He will discuss the Dutch and English traditions, the differences between Dutch and English barns, the other kinds of outbuildings found on a typical small family farm, and the tasks performed by the farmers in their barns and outbuildings. 

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Events At-A-Glance

 October  13
“Victory Turned Into Mourning” presented by Stuart Lehman at 1PM at the Schoolhouse
On April 26th, Lincoln’s body lay in state in the old State Capitol building while 50,000 people filed by to pay their respects.  Twenty years later the New York State Capitol was once again the scene of a somber farewell as President Ulysses S. Grant lay in state in the new Capitol Building. This program will explore these solemn events and their connection to the New York State Capitol.


 September 1- Our Fund Raiser!

“Riders Mills Art Show” at The Riders Mills Schoolhouse 10am to 4 pm at the Schoolhouse

Over 30 local and regional artists will exhibit their wares at this art show.  Free Admission, food, music and a tour of the schoolhouse.

July 7, 2018

“Brought to Light” at Malden Bridge Community Center at 1PM,  presented by Barbara Reina, is a story of rediscovery, respect and change. In rural Upstate New York, the cleanup efforts   by a few villagers of some stone markers in an overgrown field lead to the rediscovery of a forgotten, “slaves’ cemetery” in which hundreds of African Americans were buried during the 1800s. 
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